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“I really had no idea this technology existed. And how easy it was for a non-techie person to use it. Finally, a way to generate leads without dumping money into paid ads" - Steve C ”

Introducing... Quinky.

QUINKY is an easy to use tool for your practice, that solves one of your main problems. It immediately reaches out to, connects with, and communicates automatically with leads that you may not even know are reaching for your service!

And... it gets them to write reviews when they are happy with you!

It was built specifically for private practices!

So many tools try to be everything to everybody. Not only does that make them complex and hard to use, it makes them less effective. For private practice owners who just want something dead simple and tremendously effective, you now have Quinky.

Quinky was built for private practice owners to do just one thing. Get new patients. It does this through smart automated marketing actions and reputation management that every practice needs.

Talk about easy...


They say about our Product

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Juliana Stewart

Business Analyst at Misoft Consulting

Quinky's easy to use Conversations window is now your all-in-one place for all incoming phone calls, emails, texts, Facebook messages and Google My Business chats! It's dead simple to use.

Quinky founder Shaun Kirk talks about the benefits of Quinky:

Each practitioner gets their own phone number!

Finally, turn your Facebook traffic into new patients!

Your Google My Business Chats Go Right Into Quinky!

Stop losing patients searching for you on Google!

When someone finds you in Google, they now have a chat button they can click. When they do, that opens up for you right inside of Quinky, so you can easily answer them fast, and get them scheduled!

Text Back Missed Calls

Stop losing patients because of missed calls!

Say you miss a phone call from a prospective patient. They are not lost. Quinky will automatically text them right back and encourage them to schedule an appointment with you!

See all your calls from your Google listing!

With Google My Business call reporting

Wondering if your Google My Business listing is actually working? Quinky will keep track of all the calls that come in from Google, so you know how effective your listing is and can improve it if needed!

Facebook Messages go Right Into Quinky!

Stop Losing Leads From Facebook!

If you are not paying attention, people trying to message you on Facebook could go unhandled and usually do! Not anymore. All Facebook messages to your businesses go right into Quinky and you are alerted immediately, and can respond from inside Quinky effortlessly

Web Chat Button - Right On Your Site!

Stop losing leads on your website!

People are visiting your website but you may not even know it! Entice those people to interact with you with our proprietary WebChat system. We install it, you reap the rewards. Stop losing out on that traffic!

Get Volume Reviews With Quinky!

Improve your practice reputation easily

People judge you by your reputation and reviews. But how do you get reviews? Quinky can request them with the click of a button. Not only that, you can request reviews ONLY when you know the patient is super happy with your service!

Quinky Mobile App -

Do everything from your phone!

For iPhone and Android

Handle your communication and leads wherever you are with our easy mobile app! You can handle all incoming tasks IMMEDIATELY no matter where you are and with ease!


Text To Pay

Text patients invoices so they pay their balance immediately!

If you have a patient who has a balance, rather than sending them invoices with no response, just shoot them a text with a handy link that they can just click on and pay right there!

Meet the founder of Quinky and fellow practitioner...

Hi, I’m Shaun Kirk

CEO Shaun Kirk has guided more than 2,000 practices to higher levels of performance and success, many of which have won prestigious awards for rapid growth and profitability.

With decades of experience and tangible results as a practice owner and a management consultant, he’ll show you how to rapidly achieve your goals.

Again, here's what you are getting:

Google My Business Chat and Alert system!

Missed Call Text Back

Facebook Messenger Lead Intergration

Web Chat

Call Reporting

Reputation Management

Text To Pay

Mobile App

Don't worry. We walk you through all of this in a live onboarding call

Ok, now that you know what Quinky can do, it's time to start using it.

14 Days Free, then only $197/month

Compare to Podium and Birdeye! Cancel anytime!

Normally $497/month

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like Qunky, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.


Can I send patients texts and emails directly from Quinky?

Yes! Quinky allows you to not only send text, but to send emails, Google Chat messages, and Facebook messages!

Let's say you had discharged a patient a couple of weeks ago but were thinking of him or her, you can send them a message from Quinky. This is a fabulous patient re-engagement tool.

How does Quinky help me get reviews?

Quinky has a "quick" button that allows you to instantly request a review when the time is right. You decide when to send it and reap the rewards of a great reputation.

I'm not a tech person. How easy is this?

Simple. You CAN do it. Once you sign up you will be taken to an appointment page to set up a video onboarding call where we will walk you though getting everything connected for your pratice, and go over the basics of how to get rolling.

What is Google My Business Chat?

It is a new feature in Google that allows a person who finds yor business to srtike up an instant conversation with you. If you are not ready for it, you could lose a customer. Quinky makes using this chat feature simple.

Can I use this on a mobile device?

Yes! Quinky comes with it's own companion app, so you can communicate with your prospects no matter where are you are.

Quinky actually integrates directly with Facebook?

Yes, Quinky "talks" to Facebook directly so anytime there is a Facebook message to your practice, it will pop on Quinky, so you can get to it fast!

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